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New Hanover Session 2, Spring 2020
New Hanover County
24 Mar
Two youth present poster

New Hanover Session 2, Spring 2020

03/10/20 Week 2: New Hanover County EFYP held their second session on March 10th at the Houston Moore Community Center. Caregivers worked on gaining an understanding of changes that their youth may be going through at this time in their lives and the need to have rules at home without criticism. Youth participated in activities to..

04 Oct

New Hanover Session 2 Fall 2019

09/17/19 SFP Week 2: In week two, our activities were used to help caregivers understand the changes that are going on in youth’s lives and the need to enforce rules. We had wonderful discussion at the beginning of our parent session about how they are showing love and setting limits. By practicing “I feel…” statements,..