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Lee County EYFP Collaborates with LeeCAN
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18 Feb
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Lee County EYFP Collaborates with LeeCAN

2/18/21: Yesterday, Gabrielle Dunlap, Lee EYFP Program Assistant, was able to shine light on the upcoming Spring 2021 Cohort at the LeeCAN Meeting. For those unaware, LeeCAN is led by Lee County’s Health Education Specialist, Lauren Stens. Lauren does amazing work through the Health Department, and provides support to EYFP as well. She hosts 4..

18 Dec
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Meet Brittani Lucas of Pender County

12/16/20: I would like to introduce Brittani Lucas. She was our guest speaker during EYFP Session #4. She shared her testimony with our caregivers and spoke from the heart about her experiences with opioid and drug addiction. Her testimony was simultaneously eye-opening, sobering, and inspiring. The following is her summary of her story, of how..