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Yancey County, last session of 2019!
powerful communities
13 Jan
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Yancey County, last session of 2019!

We wrapped up our Powerful Communities sessions this week (12-16-2019). Our session was powerful because of the panel guests that joined us. The panel consisted of two sisters who had high ACE scores based on their childhood experiences. They had experienced substance abuse in the home, neglect, foster care, and more. They were both open..

27 Jun
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Lee County Session 9 Spring 2019

6/24/19 Week 9: During Session Two of Powerful Families, Powerful Communities, youth were able to learn information about opioids. They engaged in an instructional activity where they could color and add notes. By the end of the night, the youth became more aware about the dangers that opioids can cause if misused.