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Onslow Session 1 Spring 2020
SFP 10-14
13 Feb
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Onslow Session 1 Spring 2020

02/04/20 SFP Week 1: We started Session 1 of SFP 10-14 tonight with a bang! The parents learned about Love and Limits. They talked about how they can set limits (boundaries) for their youth, but still love them unconditionally at the same time. The youth were very creative in constructing their treasure maps. The maps..

02 Dec
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Lee Session 6 Fall 2019

11/19/19 SFP Week 6: Session 6 was extremely fun for our families! They played a game that involved the parents and youth to work together to reach a goal. Working together was a must! As we were playing the game, some struggled to get to the finish line which caused for a “resource,” or someone..