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Burke Session 5, Graduation of Spring 2020 Cohort
09 Apr
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Burke Session 5, Graduation of Spring 2020 Cohort

03/24/20 Graduation Week: Amidst the pandemic around us, four wonderful families graduated from our Spring cohort. We have learned together and grew together and had fun together. This was an amazing group of kids and caregivers! Thank you Zach Troutman for our wonderful family pictures. Burke County is super proud of these families in taking..

11 Jun
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Montgomery Cohorts Reunite to Plan Their Community Action Event

6/7/19: Families from cohort 2 and cohort 3 were brought together to share what two families experienced at Family Confluence weekend and to further plan the joint community event. The session opened with yummy food, followed by introductions with each participant sharing a way that EYFP had impacted their family during the time between when..